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Vestal Appelation Kaszebe 2010 Vintage

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Vestal Kaszebe Vintage 2010

V for Vodka

  • Appelation Kaszebe
  • Vintage 2010
  • Vineta potato from Kaszubia (Poland)
  • 40 % ABV
Vodka is very likely many people's first distilled experience. A perfect mixer with a fairly neutral flavour. From the ubiquitous Screwdriver to the Vodka Martini, many of these world famous cocktails owe a great deal to the pure spirit of vodka.

Unlike most spirits, vodka can be distilled from pretty much anything agricultural. Grains and potatoes are the most commonly used products. But also grapes and more funky stuff like cheese can be turned into vodka.

Vestal Vodka was set up in Poland by father John and son William Borrell. The concept of terroir is no stranger to Vestal. By specifying the vintage and the potato varietal and only distilling once they put the focus on the product instead of the purity of the vodka. The Kaszebe vodka is distilled from potatoes grown in the sandy soils of Kaszubia region in northern Poland.
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News: Royal Brackla presents its new range and royal uniform

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John Dewar & Sons unveiled a new range of The Last Great Malts bottlings from Royal Brackla distillery, one of Scotland’s oldest and most venerable distilleries.

The new single malts; a 12 yo, a 16yo and a 21 years old will be available from September 2015.

Royal Brackla Range
A lovely old fashoned label for the new Royal Brackla range

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Ilegal Mezcal Joven

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Ilegal Joven espadin mezcal

A Mexican companion for Thai food

  • Ilegal Joven
  • 100% espadin agave
  • Unaged / blanco
  • 40 % ABV
Ilegal mezcal is a brand with a succulent story. John Rexer imported or should we say smuggled mezcal from Oaxaca to Guatemala for his bar Café No Se. The clandestine bar was well known amongst writers, musicians and artists.

The brand is now completely legal but still has the look and feel of a smuggled product (although the fine details reveal the contrary). Ilegal only uses the espadin agave variety and the agave spirit is double distilled by a fourth generation mezcalero Eric Hernandez.

Fun Fact: Ilegal is selling "Donald eres un pendejo" T-shirts at the moment. I'll let you guess which Donald they're aiming at...
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News: Old Particular Single Grains

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Grainy days upon us

The independent bottler and blender known of the Big Peat and Rock Oyster, Douglas Laing, comes with a particularly new release for the Old Particular single cask brand: four single grains. all bottled at cask strength and over 20 years of age.
Douglas Laing Old Particular Grains
Grains, grains, grains. Sunshines down, so come to town!

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Marca Negra Espadin Mezcal

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The worm's out the bottle!

  • Mezcal Marca Negra
  • 100% agave Espadin 
  • San Luis Del Rio, Oaxaca (Mexico)
  • 51,3% ABV
  • Batch MJ18-14| Bottle 911/1500
Mezcal is one of the drinks that I had been eager to try for a while. Receiving Neil Ridley and Joel Harrison's book Distilled and reading some stuff on the smoky Mexican spirit by a few avid whisky bloggers only tickled my curiousity even more.

After a shout on Twitter and a few DM's with Sjoerd from Maltfascination, we split a bottle of Marca Negra's Espadin mezcal.

So, what excactly is mezcal? It's a Mexican spirit closely related to tequila. In fact, all tequila is mezcal however it is more strictly regulated. Only blue agave can be used for tequila and it has to be produced in the region of Jalisco. Mezcal production is concentrated in the southern Oaxaca region and can be made from all sorts of agave. Espadin agave is one of the most commonly used species.

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